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Driving Safely with MakLoc

A big part of our business at MakLoc’s is to participate in driving activities. We are aware that driving is one of the highest risk activities to us and we take it upon ourselves to ensure that we are utilizing safe driving techniques when operating all equipment including motor vehicles. One component of safe driving is eliminating and/or reducing the risk of distracted driving. We know that June and July are the highest months according to the Department of Transportation for distracted driving events and is why we commit May to refreshing our employees on distracted driving tips, these include:

  • Put your phone away and out of reach
  • Staying calm when driving
  • Keeping your hands on the wheel
  • Never take notes or use a laptop while driving, park in a safe location prior to use
  • Pull Over if you need to attend to other passengers
  • Plan Ahead-Don’t program GPS or other items while driving, this should be a pre-trip activity

Safe driving is one component of our safety culture here at MakLoc, we believe safe driving is everyone’s responsibility on and off the job.