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Green Technological Solutions

The MakLoc Buildings IT department is continually looking for advanced technologies that incorporate state of the art metal building technologies in our business. We strive to be a leader in the manufacturing industry in terms of innovation so we can deliver the highest turnkey solutions to our customers. Our IT capabilities keep all employees in the company connected to each other so we can address any issue in a prompt manner.

Over the course of the past year MakLoc has embraced cloud technologies. This has been done to not only allow our out of office employees to have easier access, but to help reduce the amount of paper our company uses. We are committed to becoming a greener company.

MakLoc also strives to be the #1 employer in the industry, engaging annually with a survey company to be able to get feedback from our employees. We have taken steps to ensure that all of our employees can have all of their HR needs at their fingertips, and we are looking to streamlines our HR capabilities in the upcoming year.