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Hearing Protection

At MakLoc we are committed to health and safety as an opportunity to look and “listen” to our processes and ensure our systems are operating effectively. The surest methods of preventing noise-induce hearing loss (NIHL) is to eliminate the source, or to reduce noise at the source by engineering methods. However, in certain situations, these measures are not possible. In such areas, workers need to wear hearing protection to reduce the amount of noise reaching the ears. There are 3 main types of hearing protection:

  • Ear plugs are inserted in the ear canal. They may be premolded (preformed) or moldable (foam ear plugs). Disposable, reusable or custom molded ear plugs are available.
  • Semi-insert ear plugs which consist of two ear plugs held over the ends of the ear canal by a rigid headband.
  • Ear muffs consist of sound-attenuating material and soft ear cushions that fit around the ear and hard outer cups. They are held together by a head band

Educating our staff on hearing protection methods will help reduce the likelihood of exposure and long term hearing loss. We believe this is one key essential to our overall health and safety program at MakLoc.