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Introduction to Metal Building Systems

Through a relationship with MakLoc Construction Inc., MakLoc Buildings is an authorized distributor of Varco Pruden and American Buildings pre-engineered building products, in addition to providing its own brand of metal building solutions. To better highlight this form of construction, the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released a video featuring the engineering and manufacturing processes used to design and produce metal building systems. The six-minute video illustrates how the metal building process works, from design concept to manufacturing, delivery, and construction. It features photos and video of projects to inspire architects, engineers, and building owners. MBMA’s video provides viewers with an overview of the steps involved in manufacturing and erecting metal building systems, highlighting the four major stages of a building’s evolution: design, systems engineering, fabrication, and construction. Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8-MCm-QHoM or view other related stories at www.metalconstructionnews.com.