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IT Initiatives in the Construction Business

The MakLoc Buildings IT department is continually looking for advanced technologies that incorporate state of the art metal buildings technologies in our business. We strive to be a leader in the industry in terms of innovation so we can deliver the highest turnkey solutions to our customers. We have engaged various cloud based software to ensure that all our staff are able to stay in contact no matter how remote their location. Our technologies keep the employee in the field connected to our engineering department to solve any problem in a timely fashion.

We have taken large strides to be the leader in automation within the Alberta Steel Buildings industry. We have engaged in having our Beammaster producing automated welds to machines to run various purlins and girts and exceed the industry standard in quality.

MakLoc also strives to be the #1 employer in the industry, engaging annually with a survey company to be able to get feedback from our employees. We take suggestions and feedback from these surveys to try and strengthen the MakLoc team and empower our employees. We have engaged in the past year for internal training programs to strengthen our team and to empower our employees.