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Kaizen at MakLoc – A New Initiative

MakLoc Buildings Inc. is proud to announce that they have begun implementation of their first Kaizen initiative aimed at reducing waste and improving our processes. “Shipping a Complete Building” was identified as the area for improvement, no small task as it involves multiple facets of the organization including sales and estimating, drafting and engineering, project management, purchasing, fabrication and weld, shipping and receiving, and construction as well as arms-length input from key subtrades including HVAC, electrical, and galvanizing. MakLoc has already implemented the new and modified processes into the manufacture, construction, and delivery of both self-framed and rigid-framed metal buildings within Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia but will focus on a particular project in order to evaluate the successes and gaps within the system. The first Kaizen initiative ties into our Mission Statement in that we remain committed to fostering innovation, passion, and sense of family, and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.