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Lifting Methods on Prefabricated Buildings

Different lifting methods can have an effect on your prefabricated building design.

Bottom lift modular building solutions have become a staple in the Western Canadian prefabricated building market and are widely used across all modular building applications… This doesn’t always mean that it is the best design for your modular building.

Understanding your options when it comes to the lifting design of your prefabricated building is essential to ensuring you pick the right solution for you.

Cost: A top lift building design can reduce the steel size required for the skid base of your building. This can reduce material costs, as well as the overall weight of the building.

Convenience: When exterior walls are congested by equipment, increased costs occur when this equipment needs to be removed for transportation/lifting and reinstalled on site. A top lift design can eliminate interference with wall mounted equipment, and can simplify loading/offloading of the building.

Suitability: Although top lift designs can be more cost effective and easy to load/offload in the right circumstances, there are situations where a bottom lift design is a requirement. Significant equipment weight inside the building is the main driving factor for a bottom lift design.

Top Lift Benefits:

  • Less sway during loading/offloading
  • Reduced exterior wall mounted equipment interference
  • Ease of placement and loading/offloading
  • Lighter overall design leads to reduced freight and construction costs

Bottom Lift Benefits:

  • Increased lifting capacity
  • Limits requirement for structural support in roof system

Make sure to contact your local MakLoc representative to find out what might be the best design for your upcoming project.