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MakLoc Sheet Metal Fabrication Upgrades

At MakLoc Buildings Inc. we are continuously searching for innovative ways to service our customers better.  Our goal is to provide our customers with turnkey solutions for all their metal building needs at an affordable price, while maintaining the highest commitment to the safety of our employees and the quality of our products.

The MakLoc Buildings sheet metal fabrication shop is excited to have purchased and installed a new custom built machine that will roll form all of the various wall and roofing systems for our self-framing metal buildings.  The roll forming process allows us to feed a flat sheet of steel into one end of a machine, which progressively forms and bends the metal as it travels through the machine, outputting a desired shape.  This machine will ensure better quality of our products through the consistency of the roll forming process, as well as improved pricing for our customers through the efficiency that roll forming provides over manual fabrication.  In addition to this, it also greatly improves the safety of our fabrication process by limiting the manual fabrication of our panels.  WIN, WIN, WIN!