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Specialized Document Control

MakLoc Buildings Document Control department has recently created a customized Document Control and Management Program called DocCAMS.

The first phase of the program was rolled out in September, and is in full operation now.  This phase of the program is responsible for tracking all of the documentation submitted and pending approval to our clients.  The new automation of the program has been an important factor in the Document Control department being able to submit drawings to clients, and process returned/coded documentation internally with a much quicker turnaround.  Reports are ran to help ensure that documentation is submitted and returned on time.  The program allows the Project Management team the ability to review, and compare revisions of drawings with just a click.

The second and third phase of the programming is currently under development.  The next phase will implement new issuing procedure for documentation being prepared for our shop floors, as well we are implementing new tracking capabilities for the Estimating department with in MakLoc, to ensure that all bids are captured using the most current information and revisions received from the client, this will help with the accuracy and consistency of MakLoc quotations.