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Standard Colours

Colour Chart

MakLoc Standard in-stock available coil supply. Sheets available in 30” maximum widths at 22ga thickness. Cut to length or fabricated into panels, cladding, and trim.

Stock Colours

galvalume Galvalume
galve Galv
tan Tan QC 8315
stone_grey Stone Grey QC 8305
Bone white Bone White QC 8273
White-White White-White QC 8317
metro_brown Metro Brown QC 8228
mist_green Mist Green QC 8256
surf_white Surf White QC 8316
state_blue Slate Blue QC 8260
sapphire_blue Sapphire Blue QC 8261
gold Gold QC 8276

Available Colours

pacific_turquoise Pacific Turquoise QC 8258
turquoise Turquoise QC 8310
international_orange International Orange QC 8234
tile red Tile Red QC 8259
regent_grey Regent Grey QC 8730
antique_linen Antique Linen QC 8696
bright_red Bright Red QC 8386
Dark Red Dark Red QC 8250
dark_brown Dark Brown QC 8229
black Black QC 8262
royal_blue Royal Blue QC 8790
heron_blue Heron Blue QC 8330
forest_green Forest Green QC 8329
melcher_green Melcher Green QC 8307
cambridge_white Cambridge White QC 8695


Check with your MakLoc representative if you can’t find your desired colour above.