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Wall and Roof Systems

MakLoc Building’s offers a complete line of wall and roof systems for our various building styles. Rigid Frame and Self Frame metal buildings are unique in their design and therefore require different wall and roof systems. In addition to the systems that MakLoc manufacture’s in-house, we are able to integrate a wide range of alternative systems, when required.


MakLoc Cladding and Sealed Liner System for Rigid Frame Buildings

The MakLoc Cladding and Sealed Liner system for rigid frame metal buildings provides a high quality, cost effective alternative to traditionally out-sourced, long lead time products. Our MC914 Cladding is available in 22, 24, and 26 gauge steel to cover a diverse range of industry standards. MakLoc’s ML762 Liner comes with a factory caulked vapour barrier for reduced install time and is available in 24 gauge solid and perforated steel.

MC914 Cladding

Cladding Profile (Imperial)

MakLoc MC914 Cladding ImperialCladding Profile (Metric)

MakLoc MC914 Cladding Metric


ML762 Sealed Liner

Liner Profile

Facktory Caulk

MakLoc ML762 Liner


MakLoc Ribbed Wall and Roof Panels for Self Frame Metal Buildings

The MakLoc Self Framing design comes in a 3″ and 4-1/2″ rib to accommodate a wide variety of building sizes and shapes. All building designs are reviewed against climatic data of their end location so that we can ensure the building is optimally engineered to suit its application. Check out our panel colours page for a list of stock and available panel options.

Exterior Wall Profile

W75-500 Black

W114-400 Black

Exterior Roof Profile

R75-500 Black

R114-400 Black

Wall and Roof Systems

In addition to our proprietary Self Frame metal building panels and liner, MakLoc is excited to introduce our brand new MC914 Cladding and ML762 Sealed Liner for Rigid Frame Buildings!