turnkey construction

Building Excellence


The modular and self-framing steel structures we offer are supported with a complete turnkey service for design build, construction and onsite implementation. With over 40 years of experience, the most high tech equipment and a huge construction capacity, MakLoc is a preferred choice for quality work delivered on time.

Working with oil and gas, commercial, industrial, agriculture and government organizations, we recognize our role is vital to the execution of an overall construction project. Our buildings house key equipment, support business process and have to offer a comfortable work space; so producing durable structures on time is crucial to meeting project timelines. We offer a turnkey solution so that we can better control and better execute construction that meets expectations throughout the production lifecycle.


Discovery and

Engineering and Project Management

With a team of engineers and project managers, we work with engineering firms and clients to map and scope the entire project. Having over four decades of experience offers valuable insight into designing steel structures that meet capacity needs, structural requirements and overall project timelines. We design small and large scale buildings for even very niche requirements like hazardous chemical storage, manufacturing facilities and commercial storage centers.

Supporting the design process, we employ the most sophisticated industry software. We map and model all our custom structures with precision, ensuring customers and engineering firms have a complete understanding of the project scope.


Manufacturing and Assembly

Fabricating Metal Building Materials

MakLoc has a full service assembly yard and fabrication shop to complete all manufacturing in house. This provides tighter production controls, higher quality standards and faster construction turnaround. We will even offer HVAC, electrical and mechanical systems installation, delivering the most complete steel structure construction service.

Transportation and On Site Construction

Modular Metal Building Delivery

We transport manufactured and modular buildings across Western Canada with our own fleet of trucks and pickers for delivery and unloading. Our dedicated mobile teams will also provide onsite construction, assembling buildings and ensuring all systems function as intended. All of our mobile teams have the required certifications and tickets to operate on all major industrial and construction sites.

Maintenance and Modification

Structural Steel Building Maintenance

Even after construction and implementation, MakLoc supports ongoing structure maintenance and upgrading for new functionality, even with buildings constructed by other companies. Our expertise in building modification is extensive; implementing utilities, automatic systems, additional space or any other factor that will improve overall productivity.


We offer a turnkey solution so that we can better control and better execute construction that meets expectations throughout the production lifecycle.